On Humor…

5 thoughts on “On Humor…”

  1. Gayle, I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now, and am generally moved or at least entertained by your ruminations on family, politics, food, beauty etc. I’ve often wanted to respnd, but have been silenced by a deep sense of shyness at posting something that many people will read; I do not use social media. Anyway, I’m a bit embarrassed to have been brought out of my shell by an overwhelming desire for Cynthia’s contact number. The person who used to do my facials had a brain tumor (hmmm, I bet even .cynthia wouldn’t laugh at that!), and her pricing, time management, skills, and personality have all been affected. I would LOVE to get a facial from Cynthia.
    Can you give me her name and number, please.
    Barbara (from the writing group you were formerly in, we overlapped several times.)


    1. LOL Barbara!! Thanks for the smile/laugh. I’m not surprised you wrote for this reason. I won’t be surprised if I hear from others. That is why I provided the link… see in the 3rd line, “her own business”… there’s a link with the name of her business, info and her phone number. She has a limited amount of hours she works and has other people who work for her. If you want a facial from Cynthia herself, you might have to book in advance by a bit. 🙂


      1. Actually………… There isn’t a link. Or none that is apparent to me. If you just give me her business name ( no phone number needed), I can get right on it before other people do!
        And by the way, your short haircut looks great!

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      2. Got it! The email version of your blog didn’t have the link, but mysteriously there occurred another versio. Thanks!

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  2. Waaaaahhh – I so wish you were here instead of there and well instead of sick. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out this weekend. The good news is that we can choose another weekend to look forward do albeit it will have to be in September or October. Still a beautiful time of year here and a great time for the islands. Cynthia sounds amazing and would love to be on fly on the wall for your laugh sessions. I too am grateful for humor in these bizarre times. I too can see the absurdity in it all, but it takes the Trevor Noahs and Samantha Bees to articulate it and make me laugh and maybe, just maybe think everything is going to be ok and we will get through this and be able to walk away from this president who is turning our universe into a National Enquirer tabloid zoo. I was just listening to some kind of not-so-exciting interview with Katie Couric with someone I don’t know named Khaled (LOL – are you excited?) but I did walk away with the message that we can’t let Trump turn us into a “ball of negativity” and we need to lead with love. I hope you are feeling just a bit better today and that the June gloom remembers that it is July and not June. Much love!

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