Win, win, win… my personal (and political) story.

7 thoughts on “Win, win, win… my personal (and political) story.”

  1. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m somewhere on the path. Wondering if it will take a diagnosis of something scary to get me to take the full turn. I know I avoid those movies! Congratulations on improving your numbers!

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    1. Dear Anita, Thanks for your honest and kind words. It’s not an easy change to make. The environmental piece however is huge. So, hopefully you and other people ultimately won’t need their “bad” diagnosis to get motivated. (Like I did). 🙂 xo, g


  2. Super inspiring. I too am somewhere along this challenging path. I know it’s the right path, but so many distractions along the way. I am excited for the work you are doing and the people who will benefit from your passion and knowledge.

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