Where my soul lives…

6 thoughts on “Where my soul lives…”

  1. Another beautiful writing, Gayle!!

    I am way behind in my reading but some day I hope to catch up when life calms down.

    Thank you for all you have written.

    Wishing you a peaceful and wonderful 2017!!


    You are a gifted writer and all you have said is true.

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  2. Undoubtedly you could write more (and more) on this subject, as you say. But I think you’ve expressed yourself–your knowing and your not-knowing–clearly, compassionately and authentically, Gayle. Your efforts are a model for all of us, whether exploring our identities as institutionally privileged (in my case, white, abled, professional class, educated, housed, WASP, etc.) or not-privileged (woman, old, middle-class, civil servant, etc.). This is an interesting exercise, BTW–to list the ways that I experience life from both positions (privilege and not)–which helped me understand the meaning of the word “privilege”, so often misunderstood in the current national discussion.

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    1. Ah, yes, I like that. It sounds like a worthwhile exercise indeed. Our individual multiplicities of being, And not limiting ourselves by our own limited perceptions or the limited perceptions of others. In understanding and having compassion for our own complexity, we have the greatest possibility to understand and have compassion for everyone else, and all beings. Thank you so much Anita for bring this into the conversation. xo, g


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