On anger, joy, and resistance.

10 thoughts on “On anger, joy, and resistance.”

  1. Dear Gayle,

    I am sooooo grateful for your post.

    Fear, dread and anger had taken emotional control (unconscious patterning) and your post brought light and release for me.

    This is only the beginning of a unknown, challenging path and will hold you as a partner in this journey of joy and resistance.

    OxO and love, Barbara

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    1. Yay, Barbara! I’m so glad my post brought light and release. I think this is why I write (in addition to the fact that writing brings me joy) — to hopefully resonate with others, so we know we’re not alone. Glad to have you as a partner on the journey. xo, g


  2. “make yourself one small republic of unconquered spirit.” Love this …. and such a great reminder to remain vigilant, keep resisting this madman but to find balance and look for beauty in everyday life and to remain strong and don’t get consumed by it all. Love you and thank you – beautifully and thoughtfully written.

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  3. Thank you Gayle….yes I’ve been thinking a lot about very pissed off I am about trump and so the USA….and how I can’t live in this state, too exhausting and not helpful in any way. So good to read what you wrote. It’s funny I almost have to give myself permission to feel good in the midst of what is going on. So thanks for more permission and encouragement!

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    1. Yes, dear Cj, I give you and all of us total permission to experience beauty and joy, and the whole spectrum of feelings and emotions. But especially now in the face of so much mean-spiritedness and evil taking over control of our government, it’s more important than ever to experience joy, to choose it. xo,


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