Theatre moms vs Trump

2 thoughts on “Theatre moms vs Trump”

  1. I am so grateful for YOU, my dear, dear Gayle. I am writing to affirm again how beautifully you write, how much you speak thoughts that resonate and I identify precisely, as well as how you frame ideas and feelings and provoke me to think anew about your unique observations. YES TO THEATER MOMS. TIGER MOMS who help support their children finding their gifts, passions, ways to contribute. Yes to the bravery to take the SHOT to communicate, and the PLEA. YES to the elegant reasonableness of the HAMILTON cast; YES to all of us staying passionate and supporting one another in what lies ahead.

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    1. Thank you so Melody. Your response just made my heart sing! Yes! Yes! Yes! I love NOT to feel alone in my thinking. I love YOUR passion and feeling connected with you in this strange/wonderful/terrible journey we call life. Yes to tiger moms! I was actually thinking about mother bears and how you don’t want to get between a mother bear and her cubs! And cubs remain our cubs whether they’re 10 or 15 or 35 or 40. Love you. xoxo, g


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