Titration & the election

6 thoughts on “Titration & the election”

  1. What a beauty you are Gayle! xoxo

    On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 10:51 PM, Gayle Markow: As I am… wrote:

    > Gayle posted: “I first learned about titration as a nurse. It’s like > this. I might need to start my patient on a less than full dose of > medication (because otherwise the medicine is too strong and might cause > harm), then gently increase (titrate) the dose upward, so th” >

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  2. Hear! Hear! dear Gayle. As you know, this titration thing is difficult for me. I tend to veer to the side of stress from doing too much. For me, though, balance comes when I remember to prioritize connecting with others, especially in action, especially in person (whether making phone calls for Hillary or standing up with others for Standing Rock or having a “walk and talk” with a friend at the beach) are all antidotes to stress. As Alice Walker said, when asked for advice on how to keep going in the struggle for freedom (and I paraphrase here), “Find your nurturing community. Find and hang on to the people who see the world and the way to end all the suffering more or less the way you see it and live it.”

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    1. Yes! I think there’s a huge tendency to err on the side of too much stress, while for others it’s just “let me go hide myself until everything is over”. The trick is the one the Buddha taught, “the Middle Path”. Finding this balanced approach, not causing harm, etc. is always a challenge. We all want to feel equanimous, brave, and safe enough. I like yours and Alice Walker’s approach, the finding and participating in a nurturing community. (also easier said than done, at least for many of us). xo, g


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