Thanksgiving road trip in 3 parts…

6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving road trip in 3 parts…”

  1. I know I left a reply on this post last week but it didn’t show up. Anyway, loved your visit and all that you experienced in such a short time. Blown away by your attempt at conversation with the yeshiva student, loved your chance meeting with George Christie of all people, love my tiny champagne chair, loved your moments with mom and the ukulele. Love you.


    1. Ah, dearest sister, I love you too! I’m sorry that your last comment didn’t show up. I don’t know where it went. That has happened to me sometimes too when I try to comment on other peoples’ blogs. Cyber-space! I had such a good time with you and the family too. Best thanksgiving (for me) ever. So relaxed and so many good feelings (and food). Thank you! for such a lot of work to make everyone feel so welcome and well-fed. xoxo, g


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