Not feeling morbid, but still musing on “this pesky attachment to life” *

9 thoughts on “Not feeling morbid, but still musing on “this pesky attachment to life” *”

  1. Love this fix of fine thinking ….and the photo, video & poem too.

    Couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment, but wanted to thank you just the same,

    Your Grateful Taraling,



  2. I love you and your writing. When you were 14 and I was 6, I saw your life through my childlike lens. I knew you were going through all of that with the polio but the way I saw it at that time was that you were full of life, adventure, spunk, creativity and smart and “groovy” – (the word at the time). I think you were everything you wrote about but I also think you were all those things I thought you were too. So interesting watching from the outside – close family – but worlds apart at that time. Me just seeing you as the best sister ever and you in your angst.


    1. ah Terri, this makes me smile through incipient tears. How did I miss, at least in my memory of myself, that I was full of life, adventure, spunk, creativity, smart, and “groovy”? I must have had some seriously low self-esteem. But it’s true that life fascinated me. I do know, that I had a lot of determination, but felt so stuck in my teen years until I left Phoenix. Then the wild ride got really wild. And in one way or another has remained so, and always pretty challenging for me. Only now, writing some of my “unsayable” am I starting to feel like I am landing. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your words, and your wonderfulness. xo, g


  3. Lovely. Thanks for the shout out! And speaking of the beautiful pomegranate tree, I just sent you a link to a research study about pom juice being good dietary support for type two diabetes.

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